The Copywriting Blueprint

Madeline Wilson-Ojo
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Are you ready to level up in your writing career?...

...My guess is yes. And that's why you are here. 

Dear friend,

Welcome to your fresh start. Things may have been challenging but yet here you are about to embark on a new journey as a copywriter or blogger! Recent global challenges have forced millions to open businesses, start side hustles, discover their love for blogging and return to long-abandoned hobbies. 

And guess what? 

If you are one of those people, saving yourself £££s in outsourcing costs by learning how to emotionally connect with your audience and persuading them to fall in love with your brand through your words is absolutely the right thing to do. 

Well done!

As admirable as stepping up in your copywriting or blogging career is, it's only the beginning. There's no doubt you will have poured lots of love, time and money into creating your brand, so the last thing you'd want is to chase potential readers and clients away, or worse still have them ignore you altogether! But this is where I can help you. I can teach you the basics in influencing client behaviour through writing winning sales emails, social media captions, product descriptions and web copy. 

Words sell!

Newspapers, websites, food labels, sales emails, social media posts. The written word is all around us. Words are the bedrock of communication. Words are about influence. They create emotional connections, they build other worlds, they persuade and most importantly they sell! If you're in business and are able to successfully do these things with your words, then my friend, not only are you on your way to making £££s, you are also a fantastic copywriter!

The Copywriting Blueprint will guide you to advertising your business appropriately and writing attractively for your audience. 


- How to write winning product descriptions, sales emails, newsletters and social media captions

- Defining and targeting your ideal client

- The magic of writing a captivating heading

- SEO Secrets

- How to write a winning press release

- Networking online 

- Writing appropriately for the internet (yes, the requirements are different to print media!)

- The importance of blogging (yes, even as a business owner!)

- Using images to seduce your audience 

- Common writing mistakes to avoid

- What to do to ensure your client never forgets about you

- How to write persuasively without losing your integrity

In addition, this comprehensive eBook contains a:

- (BONUS CHAPTER) How to shape your brand's personality. 

This is marketing 101! Until now, you'd have had to pay hundreds of pounds to get this training! You'll learn the secrets the professionals won't tell you.

Who is The Copywriting Blueprint for?

- Copywriters

- Bloggers

- Marketers

- Social media managers 

- Sales people

- Non-fiction authors

- VAs, PAs, and EAs

Here's to levelling up!

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In this must-have guide, you'll learn the secrets professional copywriters and marketers won't tell you when it comes to attracting audiences and winning over clients!

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The Copywriting Blueprint

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